Who would you be

              without your story?

The Work of Byron Katie® is a simple and radical process that fundamentally alters your relationship to your thoughts. You begin with whatever is upsetting, angering or saddening you in the moment. After putting down on paper all the judgments, thoughts and beliefs about the person or situation that appears to be causing your suffering, you answer a series of questions. These questions reveal the roots of your suffering and gently dissolve your confusion so that you experience greater sanity.

I offer individual sessions doing “The Work”. Typically these sessions last an hour. If you are not familiar with The Work and are just learning this process an introductory session is often useful. We will do The Work in these sessions along with some coaching and clarifying if necessary. If you are knowledgeable of The Work,  it is often useful to have filled out a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet in advance of a session. These JYN sheets are available at no charge on TheWork.com web site. These sessions are powerful opportunities to begin your work or deepen your practice.


In response to invitations, I am happy to present  an introductory evening on The Work of Byron Katie where the hat is passed for optional donations. I can also present a series of evening classes or a weekend workshop, for which I charge a negotiable fee.

Whatever the format, my presentation is interactive and experiential, allowing you to discover first hand the power of this inquiry. Once you learn The Work of Byron Katie, you can use this powerful tool on your own or with the support of a peer. As a result, you enhance your ability to respond to life’s stresses and challenges. You become more able to listen clearly and respond effectively to others. Usually, your overall sense of well being improves.

For information about The Work of Byron Katie, visit her web site at TheWork.com. To discuss having me present an introductory evening, a series of classes or a weekend workshop, please contact me by phone or e mail.

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