Unlike many therapists, I don’t bill health insurance companies for payment. You pay me directly, each time you come for a session. Some clients have submitted their therapy payment receipts to their insurance companies and successfully received reimbursement.

For in-person sessions, payment may be made in cash, by check or via credit card. In-person sessions cost $150 - $200 per hour, on a sliding scale, with the actual fee determined through discussion between you and me. Phone sessions cost $150 - $200 per hour, also on a sliding scale, with payments charged to a credit card.

Why a sliding scale? First, whether you have a lot or a little, the issue of money is usually a relevant part of the whole picture in which you find yourself. Second, I believe that therapy ought to be a stretch for clients, so that you value therapy as an important part of self-care. On the other hand, the fee can’t be out of reach. The sliding scale for a session is the same whether it is with an individual, a couple or a family or other group.